We deliver on these values through the following behaviours

  • Staff go the extra mile to ensure a warm welcome and timely service

  • Communication is always clear and concise, free of medical and other jargon

  • Doctors and nurses take the time to listen to patients and their concerns

  • Children are welcomed and made to feel safe and at ease in the practice

  • Seniors are respected and feel confident in their care

  • LGBTQIA+ citizens are welcomed and treated without a shred of discrimination

  • Indigenous Australians are welcomed and treated with cultural sensitivity

We measure progress on these values through

  • Patients have a positive experience while in the practice, reflected in periodic patient surveys, online or written feedback or other informal input

  • Patients are in the majority (>90%) ‘highly satisfied’ with the quality of their care (measured through scheduled patient surveys done for accreditation)

  • The demographics of our registered patient population reflects expected diversity in terms of age distribution, medical conditions, and proportions of LGBTQIA+ and Indigenous patients

  • Staff feel valued and enjoy their work, measured through performance review processes and feedback from patients