Before becoming a nurse Aimee started her professional career working as a bookkeeper for an accounting firm, from there she became the operations manager for a not for profit environmental organisation for 5 years. These roles provided her with a solid background in; Human Resources, marketing, business administration and management . However her passion for nursing was calling...

Aimee graduated from the University of Canberra with a Bachelor of Nursing in 2015. Throughout her degree she worked is an assistant in nursing in a nursing home. This fueled her passion to work with those over 65 and particular interest in the field of geriatrics. Once graduated she secured a new graduate position at The Canberra Hospital and spent the first 6 months again working in both geriatric units, then spent 3 months in the neurosurgical unit. 

During this time working in The Canberra Hospital, Aimee sparked her interest in preventative health care, and started working for Watson General Practice in January 2017. Her passion for geriatrics remains and knew found love for family medicine and preventative health care.  

Aimee also takes particular interest in nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

'General practice is where I see myself for the rest of my career, I learn something new every single week, the possibilities to further my knowledge is never ending, and I get so much joy from my job!

My goal is to make a difference in my patients day, no matter how small it may be. And to help our patients get and stay happy and healthy!'